Project Description

.Net Library for End-To-End Encryption compatible with the eHealth End-To-End Encryption library. It allows to send sensitive messages over an non protected carrier. It not only protect against unauthorized access, but also identifies the sender.


  • 28/04/2014 Version 2.0.0 released on NuGet (ETEE for eHealth). Integrated library and documentation are still a work in progress, API doc available in the download section.


This project is intended for .Net software integrators that want to produce and/or consume eHealth compliant end-to-end encrypted messages. This document applies both to end-to-end encryption for known and unknown recipients.

eHealth is the Belgium Federal Government platform with the goal to bring all healtcare platforms in Belgium together. For more information see

This document limits itself to the usage of the .Net ETEE Library; it does not provide information about concepts and principles nor about the eHealth services, ETK Depot and KGSS. See the references where to find information about the concepts, principles and eHealth services. Since it is a library, it can only be used to integrate into an existing or new application, it has no use by its own.


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