Unable to seal data

Jul 20, 2015 at 11:43 AM
I'm trying to seal data but the my encryption tokens are not accepted.

The certificate chain of the signer O=Federal Government, OU=eHealth-platform Belgium, REDACTED" fails basic validation.

The token verification result tells me that the certificate issuer has two security violations
  • UntrustedIssuer
  • CtlNotSignatureValid
The ETK's I try to convert are issued by the EHealth webservice (acceptation) and are most certainly valid.

"28/04/2014 Version 2.0.0 released on NuGet (ETEE for eHealth). Integrated library and documentation are still a work in progress"

It's Juli 2015, is this thing still supported?
Jul 22, 2015 at 7:01 AM


You probably missing the root certificate in your windows trusted certificate store. You probably need the Test CA (CT), which isn't published and must be requested to eHealth.

Also note that the test certiciates don't have a revocation status, so the validation will always be "unsure".

To answer your second question, it is open source so there is no offical support but as you can see I'm still answering mails. I was planning to write some doc and make an integration library, but nobody asked me any question so I assumed it wasn't needed. I'm doing this totally free of charge, so I try to avoid useless work.



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Jul 22, 2015 at 7:37 AM
That would explain a lot, thanks for the reply :).